Vinyl flooring is both beautiful and versatile

Capricorn Carpets has a large selection of vinyl flooring that are sure to add something extra to your room’s look and feel. Vinyl flooring mimic most hard floorings like tiles, wood, stone, slate & marble.

Modern vinyl is so strong and hardwearing it is suitable for areas of heavy traffic, so it’s a really good choice for busy homes. What’s more, vinyl has become so sophisticated in its manufacture that, with natural stone, wood and stunning mosaic designs it’s a great alternative to more expensive floors such as hardwood or tiles. And because it’s easy to clean using even the gentlest of household cleaners, it’s an even more attractive proposition to those who want the quality look without the inflated expense.

In short, vinyl offers:

  • Low cost, quality flooring
  • Strength & durability
  • Heat insulation
  • Resilience to moisture
  • Scratch, dent & chip resistance
  • Easy maintenance

Many ranges are also now available with added slip resistance and anti bacterial treatment.